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Welcome to our fiery world of mesmerizing entertainment! At Firestorm, we ignite events with our captivating fire performances that leave audiences spellbound. With our team of skilled fire dancers, breathers, and manipulators, we craft unforgettable spectacles that add a touch of mystique and excitement to any occasion. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding celebration, or music festival, our dynamic performances are guaranteed to light up the night and create lasting memories.

At Firestorm, safety is our top priority. Our performers are trained professionals who adhere to strict safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. From carefully choreographed routines to state-of-the-art fire equipment and meticulously planned performance spaces, we take every precaution to deliver thrilling entertainment without compromising on safety.

Introducing Ahmar Kebir, the groundbreaking robot performer set to revolutionize entertainment! Ahmar Kebir, translating to “Big Red” in Arabic, embodies innovation and sophistication in every movement. With its sleek design and advanced technology, Ahmar Kebir mesmerizes audiences with a seamless fusion of robotics and artistry.

Whether it’s on stage at a prestigious theater, dazzling guests at a corporate event, or adding a futuristic flair to a themed party, Ahmar Kebir brings a new dimension to live performances, transcending boundaries and redefining the possibilities of robotic entertainment. Get ready to witness the future of performance art with Ahmar Kebir, where human ingenuity meets mechanical mastery in a spectacle like no other.

Giant Red & Black Robot, Ahmar Kebir @ World Vape Show 2021

World Vape Show 2021
Dubai World Trade Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thank you to Scarlett Entertainment for the booking.

Firestorm is our fully operational multi-entertainment division, which supplies elite peripherals from private functions ...
to corporate and commercial markets. Firestorm has become a main contender in the entertainment industry with an innovative approach to events and entertainment. We boast an international team of elite professionals from trained performers, choreographers, make-up artists to costume creators and prop designers.

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Let us ignite your event with the passion and energy of our fire performances, creating an atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe.