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Quote Number QUO-Q2240041
Quote Date April 4, 2024
Total AED75,800.00
Scarlett Entertainment

Event date: 1st June 2024

Performance window: Evening

Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Event: Awards Ceremony

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 8Ft Robot Meet and Greet

8Ft Meet and Greet/Welcome guests as they enter the venue
Set: 3 sets of 20 -30 minutes

2 LED Stilt-bots Meet and Greet

LED Stilt-bots Meet and Greet/Welcome guests as they enter the venue. (as per photos sent)
Note: we can book up to 6 Stilt bots, 3 of which has an option to have a logo on the chest area
Sets: 3 sets of 20 minutes walk-about/greet guests

2 LED Ballerinas

LED/Tech dance on stage
Set: 3 x 5 minute dance on stage
Note: client can choose to have more LED Ballerinas as the event needs
AED 8000 for 2 perfomers
AED 10 000 for 3 perfomers
AED 12 500 for 4 performers

1 Tron Dance

Tron dance (ref. video sent via whatsapp)
-customized logo will appear during the choreography
-set dance of 5 performers for approx 5 minutes

1 Group Booking A

1 x 8ft Robot (2 appearances of 20 minutes for meet and greet)
2 x Stilt-bots (2 appearances of 20 minutes)
2 x Visual Pixel Dancers (1 dance set on stage of approx 5 minutes)
2 x LED Ballerinas (1 dance on stage of approximately 5 minutes and 1 appearance of 20 minutes for Meet and greet)
1 x Dance fusion of LED Ballerinas and Visual Pixel Performers on stage for approx 5 minutes
Note: this group booking is created specific for this event

Sub Total AED71,000.00
Tax AED4,800.00
Total AED75,800.00

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  1. Haidee Renaud says:

    Price excludes Flights, accommodation, transport within the country of event venue, visa and perfomance license fees and per diems. We require 50% downpayment for outside UAE events

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